Monday, August 27, 2012

It's a New Day

My first Monday in my new chapter.  I've mentioned to some that this big move is almost like an opportunity to reinvent myself.  Instead of preparing for a big change, I can now live a big change.
Some things may seem silly, but I think silly and simple is better way to start.
For instance, using a list to go shopping.  Buying what I know I will USE before it expires!!
Planning ahead, for meals, for shopping trips, for chores.

I asked Lynn last night what he wanted for dinner, and he put in a request.  So that is what I went to the store to purchase today.  The St Helena Safeway will probably be my most often go to grocery store.  Yes, things are a bit more expensive but it sure is fun to see some different labels.  I made the decision while standing at the meat counter to make the marinara sauce with ground turkey instead of ground beef.  Maybe I can make the transition to using turkey where ever I used ground beef.

The Farmer's Market is on in Napa again tomorrow, and I will go there!  I want to also find a reasonably priced placed to get some pots for the deck, and first build an herb garden.  I'm told I can grow herbs here just about year round, how exciting!

I did buy a fresh basil plant to have here on the counter.  Just putting my nose in there and inhaling deeply makes me swoon....again silly.....

More to come after I find my printer, so I can load some photos to use.


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JoAnn ( Scene Through My Eyes) said...

Starting fresh is nice, for sure. I've been thinking of starting over, starting fresh, starting anew - not as easy when in the same house, but I don't want the hassle of moving (and of course we are rooted here with job and family) but thinking anew is about to begin - and I'll follow along the new lines of thinking.

Enjoy your journey too.