Monday, June 18, 2012

Cleaning up the Camera

 These are a few photos from the trip to California Lynn and I took in May as we came back up the coast after the conference in San Diego.

This setting made me think of the show Private Practice, the beach where Addison and Sam share a duplex on the beach.

 At a view point a bit further up the coast, these squirrels were quite happy to finish these few crackers we had left in the car.

This was the same viewpoint, getting a shot of the actual view intended!!  There were actually people down on that beach.  I never did see how in the world they got down there.  It was a beautiful drive.

Lynn, on one of his internet surfing sessions, had discovered what he thought was the PERFECT beach town for a potential retirement.  Called Morrow Bay.  So we were heading there to check it out and spend a night or two.  Sadly, once we got there it was really just an old fishing village and the beach, once we found it, was lovely, but really not part of the town at all.  There was a big refinery right next to it, and when I said the area reminded me of Tacoma, that was the final nail.  So instead of staying there we headed up the coast a bit further and found Cambria, which was CHARMING!!!  We stayed at a hotel right across the road from the beach.  This will be one of the places I go and visit for a weekend once we move.

When we left there we headed to Capitola.  This is a beach town that we found rather by accident the previous time we were in the area.  When I booked the hotel from my phone ahead of time, we were sure disappointed that the hotel wasn't really in the village, but up nearer Santa Cruz, not on the beach at all.  We did have a fabulous dinner down in the village though, and found a nice girl for Todd......too bad she lives 1000 miles away.

From Capitola we headed up to Calistoga, in the Napa Valley.  We stayed two nights there and had a great chance to check out the area, prior to Lynn's interview for the job there.

It was the first time we had taken a road trip in quite a while.  We had a really great time, despite the price of gas!!  Too bad I didn't have a hummingbird nest in the front light fixture to come home to like I had the last time we were gone from home for two weeks.

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