Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thanksgiving Thursday

Ah yes....once again it is Thanksgiving Thursday. Due to working schedules, coaching duties, Kyle, Genie Carter and Henry were unable to join us. My sweet moppets Jillian and Ethan were here with Jeff and Krista, and Todd was here with my grand dog Layla. Once again it is nice to have a dog around when things happen to spill in the kitchen.

The wonderful tip I learned of this year was to line the cavity of the turkey with cheesecloth and then stuff the dressing in. So I was able to clip the string around the legs, and pull it out all intact, then stir it together with the stuffing that didn't make it into the bird!! Very tidy, I'll definitely do that always.

Also the brining step is a MUST. After watching Alton Brown do a segment of Good Eats all about turkey, I pulled out a small cooler and put the bird in there with the water, salt, brown sugar and fresh thyme and rosemary. Then packed it with ice, put it outside on the patio table with a big block on top to keep any critters out!!

Unfortunately, I overslept a bit this morning, so the bird got in about an hour late, so we ate a bit late, but this bird was amazing. Plump, moist and tender. YUMM.

After doing all the dinner prep and enjoying the meal, the boys did all the clean up and dishes. How sweet is that????

I'm scheduled to work tomorrow from 11 a to 7 p, will see if they actually use me. They did call today looking for help so maybe so.

The photo of the casserole dish.....when I was looking for something else in the garage I came across this covered dish. This was actually a wedding present from a co worker way back in April 1974. It has a bit of a divit, or chip but I cleaned it up and used it for our mashed potatoes. Really a lovely dish.

Hope all my friends had as nice and comfortable Thanksgiving as I did.


Jo (Pieceful Afternoon) said...

Sounds like a wonderful day - ours was super too.

Nancy said...

The casserole looks like a Donabe, a Japanese pottery bowl. I have one that I love - mine came with a notch in the lid, which I presume is to allow for steam to escape or to allow a serving utensil to remain in the dish.