Thursday, November 3, 2011

Being Organized

First, I still haven't found my digital camera!!!  I looked a bit deeper into my quilting stuff, but haven't turned everything inside out yet.  So I went through some of my older photos to find one I could use!
Day two of my meal prep is done.  I did go to the dairy today and spent $20.82, on milk, cream, eggs and butter.  All necessary things.  Made the potatoes with the sausages and it was really yummy. 
One of the two books I ordered last week, Cooks Illustrated, will soon become a favorite.  I used their method to make the scalloped potatoes and it was great! 
For tomorrow (well, actually today, I'm up TOO LATE again!) I have a pork shoulder roast that will go into the crock pot and cook the day away. 
Now that I've found I'm going south for another weekend, Lynn will have potatoes and pork to eat while I'm gone.  Also tomorrow, planning to make a couple of cookie dough batches.  Will take some and do some baking with Carter, which hopefully will be fun!! 
I came across a couple more blogs that I loved reading tonight.  One of them had a great recipe for a fruit crumble.  And I discovered how much I really like writing out a recipe!  Seems so many things get printed directly from the source, that I don't write them very often anymore.  I do need to start a new hand written cookbook, so I'll be looking for a blank book to start that in.  Another way I'm turning into my Mom.....
OH!  I also made some great cookies tonight.  Graham crackers, butter, brown sugar and nuts.  I had them while at the retreat, and they were super easy to make and so yummy.  Will post the instructions and some photos......once I find that camera!


Jo (Pieceful Afternoon) said...
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Jo (Pieceful Afternoon) said...

I like cooking ahead - I do it once a week - freeze portions in sandwich size "tupperware" - then slip them out when they are frozen and seal in my seal a meal (no worries about juicy soups and such while doing the seal a meal)and label them. That last step is important - as chili looks an awful lot like spaghetti sauce looks like lasagne, when frozen.

Your recipes sound great - love cookie dough int he fridge for last minute treats when friends stop by.

Say - when are we getting together for coffee?