Tuesday, September 21, 2010

it's a RANT!!!

GRRRRRRR!!! Nothing frustrates me more than poor customer service. And once you treat me poorly, I don't come back. I haven't been in an Albertson's store now for about 14 years. I'm sure they don't miss me.
We have a few local businesses here in Lynden that I have frequented almost weekly since I moved here 10 years ago. One of them lost my business tonight.
For months their reader board has advertised hours of Open 8 - 9. This was a big deal because previously they had closed at 6:30. It's a small dairy. I have bought my eggs, milk, cream and butter here every week for almost 10 years. Their high school aged counter girls over all those years have changed, but their attitudes never have. They never say a word. Not a greeting, not a thank you, nothing. Nada....most of the time. I've tried smiling, saying hello. Sometimes I would get a response, most often not.
This dairy serves a HUGE Canadian population. It is about half a mile from the border crossing and the Indian community in Vancouver is enormous and they buy gallons and gallons of milk.
Anyway, I've put up with these anti social counter people because I like their product, and I like to shop local, if possible.
Tonight, I arranged to meet Jeff at the dairy and he could get the kids there. I pulled in at 7:29. There was a girl standing in the door and when I opened my car door, she shook her head and said no, they were closed. I was stunned!! There was still a family checking out. Then I saw a sign on the door that said their new hours were 8 - 7:30. My clock said 7:29. She said hers said 7:30 so I was out of luck. I was amazed. I said "are you kidding?" She crossed her arms and said no she was not. I pointed to the fact that there were still customers in the store. In the meantime another car pulled up and a guy walked up and she turned him away as well.
This is not a big store. I would say maybe 14 x 24. So it's not like going into a big grocery store or department store and wandering around. I just wanted milk, cream and eggs.
Why weren't their new hours advertised on their big reader board as they had been before?
This place is only convenient to me when I am taking the kids home, or picking them up. I go out there to give them my business.
But not anymore. I stopped at Food Pavilion on the way home and got my eggs, milk and cream.
I'm pretty sure they won't miss me at the Dairy. I'm pretty sure they never even noticed I have been there nearly every week for the last 10 years.....
What happened to customer service?

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Anonymous said...

Sharon: Maybe she had a HOT date? I would tell the owner. They may have no idea that customers are turning away and they are loosing business.In the licensing business I have had calls telling me "they are on their way" and I have stayed open. If the owners knew they were turning away business they may extend their hours once again. It doesn't hurt to let them know, cuz THEY aren't there to see this only the "Till"$$$$!When one has the same thing to sell as in product the difference to make or break a business IS the Customer Service. Hang in there and drop them a note. Robin in Leavenworth