Saturday, September 18, 2010

Bird Feeder?

I have three suet feeders in the back yard. One in particular seemed to be empty much quicker than the others. And finally I caught sight of the culprit!!! He leaps from the shrubs in the back onto the shepherds hook!! Buggar!!!

He needs to beware though, since Rocco has decided he can just catch his own food, and I have found two squirrel tails (ewwwwww.......) near the front door, which seems to be Rocco's favorite feasting spot. One day it was the whole bottom half of a squirrel.

So maybe it's a cat feeder, actually......


Piecefulafternoon said...

Love that - cat feeder. We have neighborhood cats that come into the yard to catch our squirrels - I'm rooting for the squirrels.

One cat waits until the squirrel in a little way up a tree, then jumps as high as she can to catch the squirrel and falls backwards onto her back - over and over - every single day.

Anonymous said...

i have a couple of suet feeders right outside my front door. This little birds have become so use to us coming and going that they don't even fly away. We are constantly within 2 feet of them. I love looking at them so close up. Luckily, my cats are old and basically house cat now. I am going to continue to feed them this winter. I have had the squirrel problem in the past when my feeder was farther out in the yard but I think having it close to the house keeps the little buggers away!