Thursday, September 16, 2010

Rock On!

Okay, my friends. I'm gonna be back, even if it's just a thought of the day. I've been so tired lately. Completely unmotivated. In fact, getting out of bed has even been a drag. I've worked quite a bit in the last two weeks, which has been mostly a good thing. The "plan" is that I will be working at least a couple of short shifts each pay period. What I really need is to get back into an exercise routine. How many times am I going to say, post, think, dream, hope, plan to do this before it actually happens? So, I thought that maybe getting back into my blogging routine might actually be a good place to start.
Isn't this pretty? My friend Jackie came by to show it to me before she finishes and gifts it to her daughter in law. This was created from the blocks that I designed and taught in a block of the month program last year. The students had a choice of 4 different color ways to create their quilt. I called this one "romance". I have mine from the same fabrics ready to go to the quilter.

There is a photo of it somewhere back in my 100 photos I did that began at the first of the year. Jackie loved the floral print so much, she got the large scale print to make a beautiful backing.

That silly Rocco thought he needed to be part of the picture I see.

It's almost as satisfying seeing a quilt I designed get finished as it is to finish one myself.

The binding on Kyle's quilt will be on either tonight or tomorrow so I can bring it down to him on Sunday, when we go south for the day to celebrate Carters second birthday. I'll snap a photo of it before it goes.

Hope all is well with whoever is out there in blogland......

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Piecefulafternoon said...

Good to see you back again - I've missed the photos of your quilts.

Your friend made a wonderful quilt.