Monday, July 5, 2010

July and not sure if it's summer yet!

Our weather has been down right odd.....I was even tempted to turn my furnace on yesterday morning to take the chill off in here. Today, was pretty darned nice though.

Here is my latest new start. I am trying a different method of counted cross stitch where you do a 10 x 10 square block at a time, and you "park" your leftover thread. I've done two blocks, one of top of the other and now moving to the lower right block. I'll post photos as I go along. This is 16 count cloth, which I've discovered is really the smallest I can work on. Can you tell what it is so far????

We had the adventure of the missing kitty last week. Rocco, who loves to be outside in the evening hours didn't come in on Monday night. His curfew is 10 and he's pretty good about it, though when the mousing is good he sometimes isn't in until 12 or 1. He has been gone overnight once before. This time about the third night, I accepted that he was "gone" either to be some coyote or eagles late night snack or something equally horrible to imagine. We were looking and calling, checking the roads. He has a microchip so we thought if the city had picked him up they would have called. Then Saturday morning, on Lynn's 59th birthday, he sauntered in the door like "ho hum, what' s up?" No sign of injury or starvation. I'm guessing somewhere, someone invited him in and he thought he'd just stay a few days.

His big brother Dutch was even happy to see him, spent a few minutes licking Rocco's face and ears. And that day he actually kind of followed him around. Very sweet.

Tonight I am cooking the never done ribs on the grill. I did Emeril's dry rub, then put them on for the 2 1/2 hours. It has now been 3 1/2 hours, Lynn is starving and they still aren't done.....GRRRRRR . Once in a while I make great ribs, and then these things happen.

Will let you know how they come out!


Piecefulafternoon said...

I can't figure out what it is yet - but I'll keep watching.

I was happy to finally see some sunshine today - they say 89 by the end of the week - what is with this weather?

Anonymous said...

Sharon, So happy that Kitty came back. If only we could be a flea on their back and record their adventures!
Great to have you posting again. It has been rather warm here but NOT as hot as our sister-lands to the East.
Keep up the great work and hurry up with them RIBS!
Robin in Leavenworth,WA

cctru said...

Once and awhile she makes pot roast and potatoes that take about 6 hours to cook as well. I think she just likes to make us drool for our dinner.