Saturday, July 24, 2010

A Partial Tour of New York City

I love taking the open air bus tours in cities I visit. The first day Connie and I took the bus to the south end and then the north on the second day. This is the MOMA which was near the end of the second day. I really would have loved about 3 more days in the city to explore things a bit closer.
Did I tell you about the horse biting me???

this is a shot of it actually happening!! Stupid me! At least I had my hand open. It really was just a bit of a "love nibble"...I learned a lesson here though. These officers and animals are there to do a really, really important job, not be photo ops for the tourists. I also wish I could figure out how to crop these photos before posting them so I can eliminate some of the belly!

This is my friend Connie choosing some fashionable attire at the Macy's in Times Square. It's the Macy's anchor store and largest in the company. I thought it had a very confusing layout. The sales people were real New Yorkers....didn't really care much about customer service. Sorry if that is a generality but there it is. The coolest thing about the store was the upper floors that still maintain their old wooden escalators

I was surprised I left this store without buying anything! Oh wait, that's not true. I bought some face wash from the Origins counter.

In the fashion district is this very cool statue. Being a bit of a sewing person, it was quite touching.

And down about two blocks on the other side is

Being the Project Runway fan that I am I was thrilled to see it. I never did get to Mood though, but I surely will my next visit to NYC.

See ya soon with more of my tour!

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Peg said...

What a wonderful trip - one of the places on my list, and you made me feel like I'd seen at least some of the highlights!