Tuesday, March 26, 2013

My Wee Speck of a Yard

I am the condo association REBEL!!  After a few back and forth emails, with the condo association manager (who doesn't even live here) I am bucking the not at all clearly written rules, and planted some flowers in my little front yard space.  Jose, the gardener, takes care of the grass.  But the area surrounding the grass was covered with moss, and the few foundation plants that were there were fine.
Plus there are two roses, which is nice. But there wasn't anything else.  So I added a few annuals, and just a couple of perennials.

Here is the view from a little different angle.  I brought my little chairs and benches with me, and the glider.  Which is a lovely place to sit and enjoy my coffee in the morning, or a glass of wine in the evening.

I was amazed at the number of snail shells I collected after putting down some slug bait.  Bastards....oh, sorry.

The HOA rules forbid me to put anything atop the stucco wall you see.
When we first moved in we put our wooden "Templeton's" sign above the garage.  It is a wooden surround around the garage door, and it wasn't even very easy to see, but it said "home" to us.  After a few months we got a message that we had to remove it, because it made our unit look "different" than everyone elses.

Maybe I have moved to Stepford?

I do love my  beautiful  bougainvilla  that is now next to the garage door.  This is something I could never had had in Washington.

The rules do allow for things in pots.

Now I will have to depend on L Jay to water for me while I am gone up north for Easter, a family visit and a quilting retreat.

He did well taking care of my herb tower last fall, which reminds me, I need to harvest some arugula, mint and chives.

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