Friday, September 14, 2012

If You are Happy and You Know It

I was squinting in the sun even way back then!

This was taken in front of our home in Eastern Washington where the the summers were hot and sunny and the winters were cold and often sunny.

After growing up and moving to the Western (or WET) side of the state, that blue sky seemed to be rare indeed.

And now, in my 60's (well, barely JUST) I am living again in a world of beautiful weather and blue sky.

I've been an official California resident for just over 3 weeks now.  There are still a handful of boxes in the garage waiting to be opened.  And I notice I am missing a few items I am used to having in the kitchen, so I'm hoping to get through those last boxes this weekend.

But it will be busy.  I am planning to attend a community "health fair" here in Yountville tomorrow before noon.  Then I'm heading to Napa for the demonstration at the Art store of someone who does paintings with spray cans.  On Sunday, the Guild I visited last weekend is having their big Quilt show, so I'll go and check it out.

Weber did indeed send me the clips that were missing from my new charcoal grill, and Jay and I will put that together this weekend and he wants me to go ahead and buy that table and chairs for the deck if it is still available.  

I made my first foray over to the pool this week, and it was lovely.  Need to work on my "tan" so when I go back up north at the end of the month, maybe I will be flesh colored instead of pasty.

Can you tell that I am happy?

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