Monday, October 15, 2012

Getting to Know Yountville

 This is such an amazing small town.  Surrounded by vineyards and wineries.  
The harvest is going on right now, and just like in Lynden when I could hear farm equipment running through the night, now I hear the grape harvesters running.  And the wonderful aroma of crushing grapes in the air is amazing.
 I love this little stone garden!  In Lynden it was the PostKantor!  Here it is the Post Office, and it closes at 4:00 everyday, which is annoying!  

This stone mushroom garden is what runs alongside it.  Talk about easy care gardening!

Although having Jose doing the grounds at the condo is pretty low care for me.......
 There are several of these around town, a narrow bridge.  And notice the sign.  One of the town rules is that signs must be 'framed'.  

Even the stop signs are on wooden posts, with wooden frames around the actual stop sign!

 And this is the road sign on my street.  

All the signs around town are these short wooden pedestal signs, they are so cute.

I pass this tree whenever I drive into Napa.  It is in the median of the highway, so I had to take this from a bit away.  Can you see that big bump on the side? What IS that???
Someone told me, like a carbunckle or something, but I don't remember.  And all the bark has been stripped away.

This is a photo of the tree, from further away.  

So happy to have been introduced to a stick reader for my computer, so all my photos have been transferred now to my photo files, and I will be able to keep my blog more up to date!!  
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Anonymous said...

You could compare the aroma of Lynden to the aroma of Yountville. Methinks grapes are better than fertilizer!

JoAnn ( Scene Through My Eyes) said...

The bumps on trees are usually called burls - and sometimes the trees are chopped down to get at the burl, which has a different pattern than the naturally growing wood - it is used in decorative furniture. Burls are caused by some kind of stress to the trees, fungus, bugs, etc. In N CA the redwood burl business is huge - with everything from tiny clocks to complete pieces of furniture in the decorative wood from the burls. The most common thing made of burls I think is salad bowls - at least that is what I've seen the most - and I even own a large one and several smaller ones. I hope your big tree continues to survive.