Monday, January 23, 2012


Here is Ethan out enjoying our first snowfall of the winter. This was almost a week ago, and while our roads are now clear, I still have a pure white yard. Except for the debris of tree branches all over as a result of the wind!!

Luckily we did not lose our power. Well, the house didn't lose power. I seemed to have lost mine though.

My week had been scheduled with FUN!
I had planned to go south on Monday evening to watch Kyle's team play, then head further south to spend a few days with Carol. And then to a 4 day retreat with quilting friends. Being away seems to be the only time I really get much done with my quilting projects.
Anyway, because of the weather I ended up house bound, as Lynn needed the truck to be able to get to work. You would have thought, well gosh, a whole week to just sew if I wanted to!! But it doesn't ever seem to work that way. I got into the sewing room, in little spurts, but had to make myself get in there.
I didn't even play in the kitchen. Just rolled myself into a little pity party.

Today, Lynn took his car to work and I have my wheels back. So I am off to the gym!! Going to have a 30 minute cardio session, and do some light lifting. I know that being physical is the best way to get my energy back.

Then after a shower and a bit of time in the sewing room, I'm heading into town to watch a movie. Lynn has his annual meeting tonight, so he will be late, which means dinner on my own. Thai? Sushi?

End the evening with another Republican debate, which really is reality TV.

Happy Monday!

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