Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The best thing about the past year was the end when I was able to surround myself by all the kids, partners and grands for several hours.

Special guests, my sister Nancy and her husband Terry, who came for a couple of days, and they were able to get a few photos of us all together.

I'm hoping this is the LAST time I have such an ummmm......huge middle myself....more on that later.

Here is a photo of my sister Nancy and her husband Terry. Nancy is 3 years younger than me and the stories I could tell!! For another post....(that ought to keep her checking back!) Neither of her children were available for Christmas so I felt honored to have her and Terry come up to share it with us. Terry has a brother who lives not far from me, so the 2 hour drive enables them to visit both sides of the family.

We were all thrilled to have Eva join us as Todd's "friend". They grew up together down south, and recently reconnected.

She went to school with Kyle and Jeff as well, so they all had a grand time catching up and going through old school photos from their days lost past.

Made my heart sing when the kids went to my closet and pulled out boxes of old photos. Reminded me of the times my siblings and I would request my parents to put on the old home movies.

And now an attempt to get all four of these grands on the couch, looking foward at the same time.

Think it will happen?

Doesn't look like it. Ethan had to get the tongue out and Henry is not at all interested.

Better....notice the bare feet on Carter and Henry? I have to say, the sound of those toddling bare feet on my kitchen floor is just about the best sound ever.

This was as good as I was going to get on this day to having all four at least face front.

I'll take it!!!

I have some photos of the four for the times we've had them all together, need to print them up and make a collage photo for the wall.

Of course, this is on the never ending, always growing lists of things I want, need, should, could do....

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