Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Quilt in a Day

At the last retreat I attended, which was last month, I did actually make this top in about 6 hours.  I had been carrying this collection of fabric around for many, many retreats, never really doing anything with it.  I remember when I bought it, I was so drawn to the whole collection, and it is really not in my usual color palette.  I even offered the whole lot up for sale to my small group, but no one wanted it, at the time. 
Finally I came across a pattern that would allow me to keep the integrity of the beautiful big poppies and enjoy the companion pieces as well. 
If you click on the photo and enlarge it you will see the small dots on the background.  Now this quilt will head off to Carol for the long arm quilting portion.  I will share it once again, when it returns.  I'm so happy something came of it!!
I also had taken this long ago finished stitchery project.  I love redwork, alphabets and Christmas, so this pattern had it all wrapped together.  I worked on the stitchery for several years.  I can remember working on it while flying, and I haven't flown for quite a while!  So I tucked it away when finished with no particular plans of how to finish it;. 
The squares around the edge are from a collection of holiday fabrics that I had also been carrying around with a pattern for a table runner.  Turns out the pattern was a PITA.  While looking at them at the retreat, and coming across the tucked away stitchery block, I thought - PUT them together!!!  And so......I did!! 

And just last night I finished this stitchery.  Pretty bland as is, but I do like it.  So I'll be pulling some color and holiday appropriate fabrics and make something happen around this!

I have to start packing stuff up for the retreat this weekend.  I'm going to really TRY to take precut, preplanned projects and not drag along all the boxes of fabric that seem to find a way into my truck when I'm heading out. 

This is another new venue so it will be exciting to check it out.  Also will get some sister time, and some time with Carter, Henry, Kyle and Genie.  Back home for Halloween, and hopefully be helping Jeff and Krista get moved into their new home. 

Goodness my split pea soup is smelling just luscious......

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Jo (Pieceful Afternoon) said...

All the projects are wonderful - I especially like the christmas one. Hope all your retreats are fun and productive.