Saturday, October 22, 2011

Rhubarb Liquor ready to rest

My gosh this is a gorgeous color!  Months ago, I saw a blog showing someone making rhubarb liquor.  I believe I blogged about it at the time, and posted a photo showing the chopped fresh rhubarb bathing happily in the Everclear grain alcohol.  The directions were to put it in the pantry and leave it alone for 2 - 4 weeks.  Don't you know, I sort of forgot about them.  When I came upon them in August I pulled them from the pantry and put them on the counter to remind myself to go to the second step.
And there they sat for a week or more, then they got moved into another cupboard.  At least now it was some where that I would see it more often so surely I would get it done, right?  NOT!  Finally today months after I started, I did the next step.  I was so surprised and delighted when as it was straining, this beautiful color appeared.  The directions said to taste it after adding the sugar syrup and adjust for sweetness, but to beware it would have a "harsh" flavor.  Well, maybe marinating for 3 months helps because it already tastes wonderful!!
But I did get it poured into these two jars.  One is four cups, the other is eight.  So I have 12 cups of this moonshine!  I mean rhubarb liquor.....
Maybe is some people are lucky they might get a nice little container of a bit for Christmas.
Since it is supposed to sit now again for at least a month, I'm planning to bring it out for Thanksgiving and give it a toast. 
Anyone still with me out here??  I'm feeling a blast of posts coming out of here in the next few days.


Pat said...

Looks like you brewed up some mighty potent stuff there....LOL

Dena said...

I am not familiar with Rhubarb Liquor but it sounds wonderful. Do you have information on where you found the recipe? I might have to make some with next year's harvest.

Sharon T in Lynden said...
Let me know if this link works for you or not Dena.
Nice to hear from you!