Sunday, January 23, 2011

The Vegas Getaway

It always seems odd to me to do a post without a photo. I haven't yet figured out how to find "clipart" that might work and get it here. Can anyone help me with that?

For Christmas Lynn arranged a weekend trip to Vegas for us. This was amazing on many levels, most being that he HATES to travel and has no interest at all in gaming, okay gambling. But he had seen an interview with Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr and the spouses of George Harrison and John Lennon talking about the Cirque de Solelil show "Love". We are both big Beatles fans so that was the basis of the trip.

It was my first time flying on Allegiant out of Bellingham. Was a very nice experience. And what a treat to fly direct from here and not have to stop in Seattle. I was only sorry that a woman I work with at the hospital wasn't flying that day, as she is an attendant for Allegiant part time. We left on time and arrived on time. And for the first time ever, our luggage was actually already on the carousel when we got to the baggage claim area!!

Part of our package was taking the shuttle to the hotel. It was prepaid, and we followed the directions, got our tickets and went to the assigned waiting area. And wait we did. And wait. And wait. I kindly explained to him that when sister Carol and I make this trip (and it was been WAY TOO LONG since the sisters have done this) we usually get a cab. It was about half an hour of waiting. Then stopping at 3 other hotels before getting to ours had Lynn threatening to just get out and walk until I reminded him our luggage was in the back somewhere.

The Mirage is HUGE. Getting in the door was like trying to part the seas. Then dragging your bag to the hotel check in was hard until then you had to drag it through the casino and past the restaurants to get to the elevators. Our room was very nice though. And the sheets!!! OMG! A friend had posted on FB about how awful the sheets were at some 5 star hotel, and I thought that was pretty funny. But these sheets were like Heaven. I kept saying that first night to Lynn, "aren't these sheets amazing?" He just shook his head and turned over. But every time I would change position I would say again to myself how awesome the sheets were.

Friday night in Vegas. The place was a madhouse. I wasn't able to get on a table game, but I found some fun slot machines and enjoyed a drink or two. People watching is part of the fun and I did plenty of that. Saturday was the show. It was overwhelming. We had seen the Blue Man group many years before and I LOVED it. This was different. Theater in the round and the floor kept rising and lowering and people were above us coming and going. Always something different to look at. The music, in my opinion, is the Star. I thought the production was an A-. The acrobatics were an A+. But the dancing was about a C+. I know these performers do this show 2 times a night 6 nights a week. But this is the only time I'll be seeing it, and we paid $300+ for the tickets so it would have been nice if it looked like they cared. Many of them seemed to be just going through the motions.

The food was really good. The first night we hate at the buffet. It was wonderful. So many choices and everything was really good. I got to have sushi and kimchee and things I liked while Lynn had his choices and really enjoyed a sugar free cherry pie for his dessert.

Second night we ate at the steak house. The steaks were done perfectly, I just wish I could have eaten more of it. The last night we went to the Italian restaurant and it was the best meal I have had in a very long time. Osso bucco.....done perfectly with some risotto on the side. Started with my fave salad of tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, fresh basil and balsamic vinegar. Had dessert which was a scoop of ice cream with a shot of espresso poured over the top.

I was able to play some pai gow one night. I love it when people are astonished when I tell them yes, I am a Grandmother. Playing for a couple of hours at the same table, chatter often happens amongst others sitting that long. One girl playing was so cute and sweet. She was the spitting image of Kate Hudson. When I told her that, she said that yeah, she hears that from time to time. And when she left she put out her hand and asked my name. I told her and she said her name was Katie then sauntered off.

We did take a cab back to the airport. Flight home was again uneventful, though we did have to wait a little bit for our luggage.

Vegas is for younger people. It was so chaotic and crowded that I really had no interest in walking down the strip at night. I'd done that in the past, and I'd been in several of the casinos before so I didn't feel any strong desire to go visit any others. We did take a walk outside each evening to get some air and a bit of exercise, but mostly just a walk around the block. The temperature was comfortable, no need for a jacket, so that was nice.

A nice weekend over all. I really appreciate that it was a gift and we had a good time spending the time together. Next time I'd rather go to Reno, with my sisters, who like to play games, okay gamble......

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