Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Out Of Shape

Holey Moley......I put in my Biggest Loser game into the Wii today and barely made it through the very beginner 18 minute workout. When is the last time any of you did jumping jacks? How many did you do? How many can you do right now? Go ahead, I'll wait.....

Okay I did 15. There is just no excuse for me to be this out of shape. And it was certainly a shocker when that nice Wii balance board let me know my current weight.
I think my obsession with Farming on FB is waning, so that is good. I need to be spending that time doing something active. I know I can do it.

Off to work tonight again for my 4+ hour shift. Covering for someone the first part of her 12 hour shift. Tomorrow I have a staff meeting at 5:30 pm. And I'm happy to be heading south for the weekend to spend some Carter, Henry, Genie and Kyle time. And some time with sister Carol. Maybe we can get Sister Nancy to join us for something.

Going to do 15 more jumping jacks and then get into the shower.

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Anonymous said...

Your tv watching and mine sound so much alike. We were not allowed to watch dark thought it was to scary for us. I would sometimes sneak watching it at a neighbors house but I did always have bad dreams if I did. Mom knew best!
I love the cooking shows and the reality shows...I can't watch the dating shows though...they freak me out watching those people. It is all to icky for me!
I love your blog...keep it up!!!
Linda N