Sunday, May 16, 2010

Good Morning from Cooperstown New York!!

I always feel like a blog entry is somehow incomplete without a photo, but I wanted to touch base with those of you still following along here.
Yep, I'm in upstate New York and it is gorgeous. Beautiful, green, lush, charming. We are staying at the Cooper Inn which was a private residence when built in 1812. We have a wonderful room in the front corner, lots of windows, just lovely. Our drive up from the city was so easy with the GPS in the rental car. I would have enjoyed maybe two more days there. My friend Connie and I bought a two day bus pass and traveled around the sound end one day and then the north end the next. If I did have another day I would have gone back up to Central Park and rented a bike to travel through the park that way. I would have liked to spend a couple of hours sitting at Rockefeller Center just watching the people coming and going, especially since the sun was out. We didn't see any "shows" but what my friends spent going to 3 shows is what we paid to rent the car to come up here, and I am sure I'm getting more out of this!
Today Lynn is spending the day at the Baseball Hall of Fame, and I'm going to do some laundry and drive around a bit. See if I can find that quilt shop I remember from last time we were here. And if I recall there was a nice yarn shop somewhere nearby.
Yes, I'm taking lots of photos to be posted after I get home. Which is Wednesday evening.
I will be popping in here again while here, so thanks for stopping by!!

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Piecefulafternoon said...

Sounds like a grand trip - looking forward to photos.

Linda and I had a great time quilting last Thursday - hope you can be there next time.