Wednesday, May 19, 2010

More things I've learned, while waiting.....

In Chicago. Well, at least I am in the airport in Chicago. Lynn is going via Detroit and will get into Bellingham a few hours before me. If my flight into Seattle is on time, and his flight to Bellingham is at all delayed (which seems to happen quite frequently on Horizon), then I might try to squeeze onto his flight. And those of you who know me, know that "squeezing" onto anything could be a struggle. The American Eagle jet I flew here on had one seat, an aisle and then two seats. I had the window seat assigned on the two seat side. When I boarded there was a couple in that row, she in the single seat and he next to my seat. Now, wouldn't you think they would offer me the single seat and she sit next to him? They spoke a foreign language and had a bit of a discussion, of which I'm quite sure my "size" was a part of. Of course when I get my nails done in a salon where they only speak Korean, I always think they are talking about me too - it's always about me......LOL. Anyway once the plane was in the air, the gentleman moved to the empty two seat row behind us, so we were all comfortable enough. I slept most of the way, so I guess we were comfortable.
I get to lounge into first class for the next leg - YEAH!
I'm really having to learn about internet access while traveling. When I was in SeaTac, it was a free access. In the hotel in New York it was $16.95 PER DAY to have access in the room. In Cooperstown it was free, in Syracuse it was free, and now at this airport I had to subscribe to some service for $9.95 a month, though I can quit anytime. It said this was the server that Starbucks uses, so I will be checking out access from there.
It will be so great to be home, into my own bed, my own shower, my kitties and of course my grandkids! I hope my iris that were on the verge of blooming before I left, still have some style to them.
I need to start preparing for my quilt lecture and trunk show I am doing in two weeks. I'm actually looking forward to getting back into the sewing room to prepare. So hopefully I will again have some photos to share with you all.
Catch up with you all when I'm back on the west coast.

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