Tuesday, December 14, 2010

A Look Back - Cooperstown!!

Every time I look at these photos, I remind myself that I haven't yet posted about this part of our big New York trip that we took last spring. So here it is!!

This is the Inn where we stayed for our Cooperstown visit. Last time we were on the east coast we visited this wonderful town and were thrilled to return. The first time we stayed a bit out of town so it was great to be right in the middle of it this time around. Our room was the three windows on the top right.

These pots of tulips were outside all the big buildings in town.

So beautiful I had to take two photos....

This is the top of the staircase outside our room.

This is the staircase heading up. The desk to the left is where we checked in.

And a view looking down!!

This is the dining area where breakfast was served.

And here is a shot of the sitting room area.

This is Doubleday Field. The place they filmed A League of Their Own.

In the stands

I loved taking this photo....a view out onto the field of play

the score board

from the right field area

Cute, cute, cute diner where we liked to get a bite.

this is the inside of the diner....really small. But good food!!

this is the library

across the street from our Inn

and around the corner

I spotted this house that is actually built INTO the hillside on our way into town. Had to go back and get some photos of it.

Amazing place....I sure hope you enjoyed my little tour of Cooperstown. Yes, Lynn spent another day at the Hall of Fame, is now even more grateful to get to see Dave Niehaus honor being there. If you ever get a chance to visit this spot, we highly recommend it.


Dena said...

Sounds like you two had a wonderful trip. I've always wanted to visit the states along the Atlantic Ocean. Perhaps one day I'll even get to visit Cooperstown.

Anonymous said...

Ed-gar! Ed-gar!