Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Kindergarten orientation

It was an exciting evening for Ethan to have his kindergarten orientation!! After meeting in the cafeteria and hearing a few words from the principal the kids all walked down to spend a bit of time in the classroom. Jillian escorted him in and sat him down. Then the siblings and adults were invited to go to the library and leave the new students for about half an hour. As I was going, I took another peak back at him and got this great shot of him expressing his true feelings!!! What a lip! And he had no idea I was there with the camera. Jillian really had more trouble leaving him in there than Krista or I - LOL!!
When we went back down to pick him up, he was in the center of the group enjoying a story and having a great time. I'm sure when he starts in the Fall, he'll do just fine.

More exciting school news....Jillian was the school's second grade spelling bee champion!! We were all so proud of her. It's the first year to "compete". Tears came to my eyes at the end, when she spelled her word correctly, and her first reaction was to turn and give a big hug to her friend who came in second place.

School is out now for the summer. She had another great year.

The next school year will be very different for me too. Ethan will be going full day, two days one week and then three days the next. With the newest baby in the family due this summer, I'm sure I'll find myself driving down to see him often. Right now I think they are sticking to the name choice of Henry. Big brother Carter is going to have a very rude awakening very soon.....

So glad to report that I was able to purchase a new battery charger for my digital camera. I'll definitely be snapping lots of photos again, but I will be posting the photos I have, here in the next several days. Need to be back on the blogging track.

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Piecefulafternoon said...

Wonderful shots of the kids - and glad you are back. We've missed you.