Monday, October 12, 2009

Where do their mates go?????

I've been going through my kitchen cabinets, cleaning clearing and reorganizing. I pulled all my plasticware out of that cupboard and all the lids that live in a drawer out, and matched them up.
Now, you'd think there would be missing lids, right? NO! The photo is the array of leftover lids!
I have Krista checking her collection to see if she can match any of these up.
Life has been pretty good here at home. I'm still meeting with my therapist now every other week, and she has been a great listening ear. I think I'm on the "brink" of making a career decision, still doing a bit of research online, and soul wise with a goal of November 1st to decide.
I've done a bit of sewing. It's a little more cleared out in there. So hopefully I'll be making some progress on getting some more things done! I truly have about 10 tops all ready to go to Carol, awaiting the cutting of batting and backing. And budget!! LOL! I'll admit to a new online game obsession, via Facebook. I've been farming there since June and have pretty much run through those games, but now I am into Cafe World....loving it!!!
And love, love, love my DVR. So nice to record those shows I don't want to miss, and then watch them when I want, zipping through commercials!! Plus I have some GREAT old movies recorded that can be watched on a quiet rainy day.....
Back to the kitchen, one more cupboard to do today.


Piecefulafternoon said...

So that's where all my lids went. LOL I am truly amazed that things can get lost going from the dish drainer to the cupboard - which is right below the dish drainer.

Are we going to see some pictures of the quilts?

Good luck in your plans for the future.

Dena said...

Everytime I go on a hunt to find all the missing 'mates', I think of the book The Borrowers. Maybe they're using your missing containers as a bathtub or boat? LOL

I heard a rumor about you beating JoAnn's score on Facebook. She's on a mission to regain her title. lol

I know changes can be difficult sometimes. Hope all goes well in your career move.

Cindy said...

That is funny to be missing containers instead of lids. Hope you find them....looks like a lot!

And yes...bring on the quilt photos.