Tuesday, October 13, 2009

A Few Random Thoughts

Just to get them out there.....
The story about the big baby being denied medical care because he was obese......a bunch of crap!! Mostly because the chart they are referring too, has nothing to do with obesity. It basically graphs where the baby is at that time in comparison to other babies the same age. 99% just means that this baby is heavier than 99% of babies this age! The importance of graphing height, weight and head circumference is to see that the baby is growing appropriately. All three of my boys were in the 90+% during their growing years. Imagine if they denied insurance because they were too long!! Can't really call it tall, since they aren't yet standing - LOL!
The health insurance industry is only interested in keeping their shareholders and high paid administrators happy. And they will continue to cut services and raise costs to patients until that is forced to change.
I had an insurance fiasco, ended up in collections for a $66.00 bill to a hospital for a mammogram. My insurance covered in full routine annual mammograms. However since I had been diagnosed and treated for breast cancer 10 years before that, the routine annual screen got coded as a "diagnostic" screen instead of "routine" and the insurance doesn't cover that. Imagine.....if you NEED a mammogram because you are a survivor, they don't want to pay for it. It happened again when my husband went in for a routine colonoscopy. Our insurance covers it at age 50. However, during the screening some polyps were found and removed so the coding went in as a diagnostic colonoscopy, no longer "routine" since polyps were found. They were benign, thankfully, but COME ON! So if you have the test and they don't FIND anything then okay, they will pay for the test. But if something is FOUND, forget it.....Can you imagine????? I battled and won that one, thankfully. Yes I am 100% behind health care insurance reform and I believe the public option is the right way to go. I wish there was a public option for auto insurance.
I think Glenn Beck is nuts. He is a showman. But a dangerous one. I get why my conservative female friends like him. He is like a pillsbury dough boy, that wears his emotions (when convenient) on his sleeve. But he is nuts. He is dangerous. He is the worst of snake oil salesmen of our generation. He and Rush Limbaugh are 90% responsible for the incredible divide in our country. They will not be satisfied until President Obama is out of office, and it is filled again with a puppet of the extreme right wing of the Republican party.
Okay, I feel better now - LOL!!

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