Saturday, May 16, 2009

Hooray, hooray.....wait, is it really May?

Every spring I sort of challenge myself to have my furnace turned off sometime in March. This spring has been so cold, that I have had to turn it on a few days in the morning or the evening for a couple of hours. Weird. Lynn keeps saying we are destined for warmer climate for his retirement, he can't take these winters anymore. Sigh.....they don't bother me much as I am lucky enough to usually not HAVE to go anywhere in bad weather. And if I do, I have the mondo 4 wheel drive truck to take me there.
Not working much lately, doesn't hurt my feelings either. I have a big bill for my hospital visit last month, but no house payment until July 1st due to the refinance (that was a nightmare, but now done). Plus we are going to be paying $600 a month less on the mortgage so that will help.
Dr Burden says I really am right that I need to get some poundage off or I will be facing diabetic issues next year. So I'll definitely be working on that.
Lots of yard work to catch up on this weekend, plus house cleaning before Lynn gets home tomorrow night.
Oh Goodie!! Friend Shirlene just dropped in for a visit.

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