Monday, April 16, 2007

Taking Care of Business

You know those pesky things, that just hang in the back of your mind, bugging you? Well, today I took care of a few of them. I called and scheduled someone to come and give me an estimate to do some gutter cleaning and repair. Not very exciting, but one of those maintenance things you need to do to prevent big headaches later. I also called and scheduled a consultant to come and give me an estimate to replace my hated tile counter tops in the kitchen with granite or something else. It's a free visit, and I won't know if this is something I can ever do or not unless I find out. I also called a former employer to have them resend me my retirement information. AND the best part was I updated my MP3 player to some new favorite workout music.
Makes me more anxious to get back to the gym!!
Six months until the cruise.

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