Sunday, September 22, 2013

Happy Fall

I have always loved the Fall.  And lately I have been really, really, really missing Ethan.  This photo is 3 years old, but that is the charming, happy face of pure joy that I miss.

This will be my second Fall living in the Napa Valley.  It is definitely different than the PNW.  Right now the Harvest is on, and soon it will be the Crush.  In the mornings when I open the door I can actually smell the scent of the grapes in the air.  

I will miss that nice crisp feeling of grass on those mornings when the fog is hovering.  The air is cooler here in the evenings now, but it is doesn't have the dampness about it that there is up north.  

My travel plans for the fall are to come up around the 22nd of October.  It will be my moment to meet Spencer who is due earlier in the month.  And get some hugs and snuggles in with Carter and Henry.  There is a quilting retreat with some old friends I'm hoping to make, and then further north to spend a few days and Halloween with Jillian and Ethan.  I hated missing that first day of school with them, but happy to get to do Trick or Treat.  

Last year when I drove up in late September, the colors around Mt Shasta were just breath taking.  This time I will stop and snap some photos!

The Chaotic Quilter is up and running - HOORAY!  I'm looking forward to my presentation coming up in about 3 weeks at the Meet The Teacher meeting of NCQC (North California Quilters Commission)..and hopeful to get a couple of bookings for next year.  Also going to send some info to the guilds I have presented to up north and let them know of my new programs.  I am hoping to be doing at least one a month by the time 2015 begins.  

Hope your Fall will be wonderful.

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