Wednesday, May 15, 2013


Just the word "normal" caught my eye today when I opened the blog to think about doing a posting.  What the heck is normal.  I've heard someone call it just a setting on the dryer.  When I was teaching childbirth classes, and got to the segment covering life with a baby, my couples would often ask, when life would return to normal.  A big lesson for them to learn, was that they were going to establish a "new normal".  Which is pretty much what I have finally come to accept.

So my new normal for day to day living no longer includes children or grandchildren.  They have been so much of what identifies me.  In some ways they were a convenient, and lovely excuse to not have to really take care of myself.  And it has taken me a lot of months to come to realize it.

My new normal is slowly starting to come together.  I am moving more, and eating less.  Since the trip to Florida and the time changes, I'm now usually asleep before midnight and up with Lynn around 8.  My next step is to get into my sewing room and get it reorganized, so that I can get to the work that I need to do.  I have lots of new projects in mind, which is good.

Tomorrow, I'll spend some quality time in there, move some things to the garage and make a good list of what needs to be done.  Lynn has a rare evening meeting, so I'll be able to work without having to stop and make dinner.  It is part of the new norm, that he is basically 9 -5 everyday.  In the past he had a couple of evenings each week that he would have commitments, so this is different.

It looks like we won't be back up north until near the end of August.  And I also have come to accept that none of the kids will make it down here anytime soon.  And that just has to be okay.

Moving forward.

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