Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Cooking With the Kiddos

Jillian and Ethan are starting to learn some hands on cooking things with me these days. We did start with toast! Jillian makes her family "the best hotdogs ever" according to her brother. She makes them in the microwave. She also makes her own lunch - because she wants to! And often makes Ethan's lunch too.
So on this day we made our first batch of Rice Krispy Treats!! The lesson involved the differences of electric stoves and gas stoves, which mine is. Ethan is on a stool, btw.
I had Jillian read the entire recipe and get all the tools and ingredients together before we started cooking. The first photo shows them melting the marshmallows in the butter.
It's hard to tell, but they have plastic bags on their hands, which I sprayed with non stick Pam and they are patting the mixture down into the pan. It was a fun lesson. Next time we are going to try adding maybe some mini chocolate chips and maybe some dried cranberries. And then we might try using Cocoa Krispies!!
I tell them, if you can read you can cook. And if you cook what you like, you will become a really good cook!
Our next lesson will be eggs.

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